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Columbia Ridge School Improvement Plan

The Ephrata School District and its schools are using the school improvement process to increase student achievement. Each school has a leadership team that analyzes data, sets goals and implements a plan that reflects the needs of their students. 

2021-2022 Columbia Ridge Elementary School Improvement Plan

Columbia Ridge is currently in the middle of construction. At the end of November, we moved 11 classrooms into newly remodeled classrooms. This included our entire kindergarten (5 classes) team, 2 first grade classes and 4 second grade classes. We moved 6 classrooms into temporary gym spaces (3 first grade classes, 1 second grade class and 2 third grade classes.) In addition, we moved into our new office space including the counselor office and Dean of students office. Currently we continue to have 6 staff in temporary office spaces. All of our specialists (PE, Music, Library and STEM) are cart based and teaching in classrooms. We are striving to thrive and increase school climate, social emotional learning and academics in the mix of construction and COVID. Currently we have 458 students.

Goal: Increase STAR scores by one year’s growth in one years’ time at each grade level. In addition, each grade level team is working on a specific skill based goal to reach mastery by June 2022.

Goal: Increase social / emotional learning through implementation of our second step curriculum. Increase of friendship groups with the counselor. Continue to work on climate and culture with staff in the mix of COVID and construction.
Summary of Plan:

We will continue to apply all strategies and interventions listed in the full version of the Columbia Ridge School Improvement Plan.  We will continue to align instruction to standards in ELA, Math, and Behavior. All students at Columbia Ridge receive targeted interventions at their level during our 60 minute daily Response To Intervention(RTI) time. During the 60 minute RTI time, we have also coordinated our master schedule to allow for a teacher and a paraprofessional to be in each classroom supporting the interventions. During winter and spring quarters we will also be implementing a skills based after school program. There are great things happening at Columbia Ridge to support our sometimes challenging but always absolutely amazing population.  Our significantly increased family involvement in school activities including 98% involvement in fall conferences, this is a great sign that the community is appreciating the relentless work of our staff.  We strongly believe, through the systematic approach of addressing the needs of our students, adjusting the existing support, and through additions of staff and programs, over the last several years, we are already seeing amazing returns through increased family involvement, reduced office discipline referrals, and a decrease of 18% truancy rate.  All these factors are researched and evidence of increasing the success rate on the state’s Standardized Assessment.